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I work with students of all grades (K-12) on their academics. I predominantly tutor students in math given the abundance of new material taught daily. I aim to reinforce current concepts as well as preview new ones. I tutor in the following math levels:

  • Elementary and Middle School

  • Algebra

  • Geometry

  • Algebra 2

  • Trigonometry

  • Pre-Calculus 

I also help students with the writing process—creating thesis statements/claims, analyzing quotes, and revising the finished product. Additionally, I am able to help students with Spanish given that I took Honors Spanish and AP Spanish all throughout high school as well as two years in college.


Many students seek my advice in terms of class level placement and high school scheduling. I guide my students to take classes that best suit them and their futures while also satisfying all the graduation requirements.



I provide one-on-one sessions in all four areas of the ACT: English, math, reading, and science. I aim to instill mastery and promote confidence within each student. My process begins with a “cold” test to establish a baseline score. I always tell parents that while a baseline score can help dictate the longevity of the process, a student’s work ethic and learning curve make up two bigger pieces of the puzzle.


The English and math sections are content based, whereas the reading and science sections are practice based. The English section requires mastery of all the grammar rules as well as their application to the test.


Many students struggle with the math section the most considering the wide variety of topics covered, so I have created a math ACT textbook outlining all the necessary concepts with example problems from the test. The reading and science sections, however, require test-taking strategies more than knowledge acquisition. Time-management, proper annotation, and critical thinking are crucial to mastering those sections.  


I always tell students and parents that ACT prep is a process—it’s not a fad diet. It takes time! And while we have plenty of it,  we don’t want to waste it. Trusting the process by focusing on learning the necessary content and getting lots of practice yields results. The score will come, but the emphasis should always be on the journey, not the end result!





Executive functioning is my niche area! So many students suffer from ADHD, organizational deficits, poor time-management skills, lacking drive/motivation, and self-advocating issues. My goal is to instill order in my students’ lives, whether that be implementing an assignment notebook system, organizing folders and binders, checking grades for missing work, and setting up student-teacher  meetings. I communicate regularly with my students via text throughout the week to ensure follow-through with plans we put in place. I also update parents frequently on their child’s progress and areas of weakness, as well as collaborate with resource teachers at the school and students’ therapists. With a holistic approach and thorough communication, I am best able to help my students learn necessary student skills to be successful in and out of the classroom.

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